TV Commercials

A commercial that grabs the attention of perspective customers is key for small and corporate businesses. A commercial with an impeccable sound score, amazing graphics and animations is what Mair Films provides, whether it be in New York City, New Jersey, etc. We handle everything from the commercial concept development, to hands on production and generate ideas that will resonate with a wide variety of audiences.


Music Videos

For any musician (solo artist, group, or band) a music video is a must. Music videos can help elevate your popularity and audience. We work with each artist to create a unique concept that’s appropriate for their style/personality and genre of music.


Marketing Videos

At Mair Films, we have created a variety of videos that have been seen by millions of people. Our viewers are able to grasp the concept, understand our client's direction, focus on whats being provided and prove why they're better than their competition.


Brand Content

Brand content is a form of advertising that distinguishes between entertainment and product advirtisement. It is a great way to get people interested in your product because the key to focus the audience's attention on entertainment. Our team can develop eye catching/unique video concepts with great visuals, which in turn will continue to promote your brand and increase revenue.


Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are used for a wide range of purposes and at Mair Films we always make it a point to understand the needs and intended usage for our clients.  Whether you need a video to share ideas, use internally for training purposes or for a marketing plan, we can take care of all your audio and video needs.  We’ll customize any video production just for you! We cover every industry including Public Relations Companies, Advertising Agencies, Law Firms and Fortune 500 companies.